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Aerodynamics Academy certifies its Simloc A320 simulator

The Spanish State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) has certified the Aerodynamics Academy’s Simloc A320 flight simulator, of the FTD + MCC APS category, in its brand new facilities, located on the Aeronautic Campus of the Vélez Málaga Aerodrome, in Spain.

This flight training device, delivered by Simloc last year, is composed of a spectacular fixed base hemispherical fiberglass module, 7 meters in diameter by 4 meters high, in which an immersive and functional original A320 cockpit is fully integrated together with a direct vision system of three Full HD projectors and a continuous semi-cylindrical screen 3 meters high, which offers a field of vision of 210º x 40º for each pilot; a sound system and a modern instruction station (IOS).


Simloc has developed for the IOS an integral management software, unique in the market, called Simulator Management Control Suite or SMC Suite, which objective is to help the operator in the management of all the functions of the simulator. Through two applications, the Simloc FSTD Manager and the Simloc IOS, the instructor can, for example, perform user management and control, programing and scheduling sessions, debriefing the session or managing maintenance incidents, among its others many functions.    


The flight model, systems and procedures of the new Aerodynamics Academy A320 FNPT II+MCC are based on the Airbus Data Package (SSP), essential for certification, with which a dynamic behavior like that of the real airplane is achieved.                  
From now on, Aerodynamics Academy can expand its education and training offer with Airbus cabin familiarization courses, company access tests, IR training (RNAV, PBN, etc.), MCC APS, TEM / CRM / EBT courses and MPL programs. 


In addition, as one exclusive and additional advantage, this device is, for the moment, the only one in Spain that incorporates the automated ASTI / SERA air traffic control (ATC) simulation program, with artificial intelligence. This system allows students to interact precisely with control towers and properly manage communications in flight, which contributes by increasing the realism of the practices. For example, from starting engines to parking on the platform, the pilot can communicate with different controllers which may have different English accents as radio frequency and airspace change.


"For Aerodynamics Academy this certification and providing specifications as the SERA ATC dynamic system will allow us to provide comprehensive training from ab initio to jet, with what our students will have better access to different airlines",  says Juan Manuel Martín, director of the ATO. "It 's great news in these difficult times and a great incentive to attract new students and provide training for professional pilots who need it to fly again."
According to Carlos Pérez, CEO of Simloc, “the certification of this FTD is a new confirmation of the quality of our product. New generation FTD advancement is unstoppable for its unbeatable performance/price ratio and we expect that the A320 of Aerodynamics Academy is one of the mainstays of the success of its new facilities".