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Aerodynamics Academy choose Simloc's A320 FTD1

A brand new Simloc A320 flight simulator has arrived at the new Aerodynamics Academy facilities. This school is part of a new and exclusive aeronautical campus, Axarquia Aviation Park, which is being built at the Velez Malaga (Malaga, Spain) aerodrome for the training of pilots, cabin crew and maintenance technicians.

The flight training device chosen by this prestigious school is an A320 with FTD1 certification level. The set is made up of a spectacular fiberglass hemispherical module, 7 meters in diameter by 4 meters in height, which includes a fully immersive and functional A320 replica cabin; a direct vision system of three FullHD projectors with a continuous semi-cylindrical screen 3 meters high, which offers a field of view of 180º x 40º for each pilot; a sound system and a training station (IOS).

Within the IOS, Simloc has created a comprehensive management software, unique in the market, called Simulator Management Control Suite or SMC Suite, which aims to assist the operator in managing all simulator functions. Two applications developed by its Software Department, the Simloc FSTD Manager and the Simloc IOS, facilitate the instructor, for example, user management and control, programming and scheduling of sessions, session debriefing or maintenance incident management, among many other functions.

The flight model, systems and procedures of the new Aerodynamics Academy A320 are based on the Airbus Data Package (SSP), which achieves dynamic behavior like that of a real aircraft.



This FTD incorporates an automated ATC simulation program, with artificial intelligence, so that students can become familiar with the management of air traffic communications, which contributes to increasing the realism of the training sessions.

With the acquisition of this simulator, Aerodynamics Academy will cover all phases of its pilot training, from ab initio to jet. "Axarquía Aviation Park is a dream come true and the Simloc A320 simulator is our springboard to the future," says Juan Manuel Martín, CEO of both companies. "Thanks to this device we are going to be able to greatly facilitate the access of our students to the airlines and to having line pilots for their recurrent training."

For Carlos Pérez, CEO of Simloc, “it is a pride to have been chosen to be a protagonist of this project. Our FTD will be operating at the first aeronautical campus in Spain and Europe, a reference facility, in a privileged location, which will be an unbeatable showroom for our products”.