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Inicios de Simloc | Nuestra Historia

2012 Simloc founded

The origins of the company date back to 2012 in a small garage at Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, from which it produced the first A320 simulator and started to develop a F18 Superhornet simulator.

Evolución Simloc | Nuestra Historia

2014New facilities and first projects

Two years later it moved to new facilities on the same airport grounds, becoming definitively renowned and known in the aeronautics world thanks to milestones including:

  • The creation for Swiftair of a tactile simulator of differences between the ATR 42/72​​​​​​​

  • The incorporation of a new B737 device

  • The operation of its pilot training centre with two civilian devices, the original A320 and aforesaid B737, and a military device, the F18 Superhornet

The product catalogue also included small and practical training solutions including the compact SR Box G1000 and Bonanza Series.

It was during this same period when the company decided to make a definite commitment to FBS simulators with FTD I and II + MCC certification level, manufacturing the first unit with these characteristics.

Simloc 2019

2017Consolidation and growth

Specialising in FBS simulators gave Simloc the skill and experience to start working with large companies like everis Aerospace, Defence and Security and to consolidate its business growth.

This led to its transfer in 2017 to a new site, much larger, in Los Olivos Industrial Estate in Getafe (Madrid), next to Cerro de Los Ángeles. From the geographic centre of Spain, Simloc focuses all its hard work on providing the world not just a product but a comprehensive and unique service for general and defence aviation training.

It was during this expansion phase that Simloc was honoured with the seal as an Innovative SME and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.

Simloc continues to be deeply committed to constant innovations and improvements to the products it supplies and tackling new projects that establish it as a leading benchmark company in aviation simulation.



The year of Flight Level

Simloc takes another step in its growth strategy and is committed to simulation for the training of Passenger Cabin Crew. To do this, it has acquired a percentage of the Malaga Flight Level Design, remarkable manufacturer of passenger cabins, doors, windows and fire simulators and, in parallel, emergency equipment.

Since that moment, it has begun to manage the Sales, Marketing and Communication areas of Flight Level. As a consequence, Simloc and Flight Level have become a unique binomial, with an unparalleled comprehensive international offer of solutions and flight simulators for both pilots and cabin attendants.

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