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A company with Defense DNAInnovative and customized solutions

A company like Simloc, which has ex-fighter pilots in its management team, can hardly take its eyes off the Defense market, where the safety of the pilots and, therefore, their training in simulators is vital.

From the beginning, the company considered Defense in its business plans and gradually it was investing human and financial resources on R & D & I projects that could reach the technological value necessary to satisfy the demanding requirements of this market.

Finally, in 2020, Simloc saw its efforts recognized, after years of research work, being chosen to carry out important “missions” at national and international level.

Simloc proudly holds the Innovative SME seal thanks to its recognized ability to develop own hardware and software applied to its civil FTDs and to the use of new technologies, such as virtual reality, to generate different flight simulation environments. These two capabilities are reflected in the projects where the company has been selected



AIR FORCE | CLAEX (2020)Active cockpit of the Eurofighter

Simloc has been contracted by the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Spain, through the General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM), to manufacture the cabin of the Eurofighter fighter for the virtual test bench (RIG) of the Logistics Center for Armament and Experimentation (CLAEX) of the Spanish Air Force. By having a cockpit replica of the combat aircraft, pilots will be able to evaluate the tests in a much more realistic way than with just a computer equipment. In addition, eliminating real flight verifications, a huge saving of time and money is achieved.

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Programa Europeo de Desarrollo Industrial de Defensa (EDIDP)


Virtual Reality for the Common Training of European Combat Pilots

Simloc is the only Spanish company within the FITS4TOP industrial consortium, commissioned by the European Union to carry out the project of "Combat Aircraft Training Platforms" of the "European Defense Industrial Development Program" (EDIDP). Simloc is responsible for leading the design and development of an Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) system, based on Virtual Reality and Haptic Technology, which will be integrated into the same training environment with real aerial resources, flight simulators and virtual air, land and sea resources generated with artificial intelligence.

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