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SIMLOC FLIGHT SIMULATION (TRADEMARK No. M4054369) is a registered trademark owned by the company AUDERE GLOBAL, S.L., (with address for notification purposes at C/ Adelfa nº 3, C.P.: 28970, Humanes de Madrid, Madrid). SIMLOC FLIGHT SIMULATION makes its best efforts to ensure that the information on this website is correct and up-to-date. AUDERE GLOBAL, S.L., as the company that owns the SIMLOC FLIGHT SIMULATION trademark, is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may exist on the page.

AUDERE GLOBAL, SL, as owner of the SIMLOC FLIGHT SIMULATION brand, cannot control the use that the user makes of the information, and therefore will not be responsible for any type of damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, that may derive to have any connection with the use of said information.

In no case will the rights that as a user may legally correspond to the SIMLOC FLIGHT SIMULATION client of their rights, which they may in any case exercise against the company AUDERE GLOBAL, S.L., be affected.


Any content or information directed to this web page by any means, except that of a personal nature and protected by law, will be considered non-confidential and public, and therefore may be disseminated, archived or used by AUDERE GLOBAL, SL, as well as also the companies of its group and for any purpose, including the development, manufacture and marketing of its products. Do not direct to this website or from it, any type of illegal, intimidating, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, obscene, scandalous, provocative, pornographic, irreverent or any other content or information that could give rise to civil or criminal liability in the territory to which this website refers.


The trademarks and logos that appear on this website are part of the property and commercial identity of AUDERE GLOBAL, SL, and its associates, both registered and unregistered, and may not be used in any type of advertisements or other publicity materials, relating to the distribution of any information or content extracted from this website without the prior written consent of AUDERE GLOBAL, SL They are covered and protected by Law 17/2001, of December 7, on Trademarks.