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Collaboration agreement Simloc - Team Velarde 2016

The Simloc company facilities, located at the Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, have been the stage for the presentation of the Collaboration Agreement between the firm, which specializes in the manufacture of flight simulators, and aviation pilot Juan Velarde, the only Spanish participant in the Red Bull Air Race.

Simloc has developed the AVC-SR Competition Flying Analytical Software for Team Velarde 26. This software is a tool that permits a space-time study of the racetrack.


Software Team Velarde

It offers the possibility of designing and modeling racetracks that are ideal for pre-competition training. In addition, it allows all the resources of the race to be linked together and reduces the time needed to dump results data for later analysis. In short, it is a very flexible, efficient and scalable solution.

Through this agreement, Juan Velarde becomes Simloc's global Ambassador, and he will collaborate in the many activities that the Spanish company develops in the aeronautical field.

Acuerdo de colaboración Simloc -Team Velarde

Colaboración Team Velarde

Simloc acuerdo de colaboración con Team Velarde

Team Velarde - Simloc