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Simloc grows and expand horizons

The positive business evolution of SIMLOC RESEARCH has allowed us to generate two business lines for the purpose of satisfying all our customers. As a result, the company is divided into two brands, under the same umbrella. We continue to grow, we specialize, but we stay true to the same values.

From now on, SIMLOC is the industrial brand, dedicated to the manufacture of various lines of simulators, aeronautical components and technological solutions, both hardware and software. In its new facilities in Getafe (Madrid), we can respond to any type of technological demand, thanks to our team of engineers, the staff behind the national company with an international vocation.
Its Simulation Center at Cuatro Vientos (Madrid), now renamed AIRPOINT by Simloc, satisfies the training needs of professional pilots, airlines, training schools, etc. It is a unique place thanks to its location, within Cuatro Vientos Airport, and with its fantastic views of the runways belonging to the "cradle of aviation".
At their facilities, professional aviators can fly simulators manufactured by SIMLOC, including the A320 full motion type, the B737 type and, coming soon, the latest arrival, another A320 type, but which is an FNTP - MCC. In order to complement or help them complete their training, AIRPOINT maintains a roster of active pilots who have racked up thousands of flight hours and who are trained to teach specialized courses designed to prepare students to successfully answer the calls for candidates from national and international airlines. As an exclusive counterpoint, the Center has the only F18 Superhornet simulator in Spain outside of the military environment.
The company philosophy of AIRPOINT is reflected in its being open to the public and in its desire to promote aeronautical culture. To this end, they have created a "Flight Club" that makes aviation accessible to every enthusiast.
AIRPOINT also serves as a showroom for SIMLOC: "Seeing, touching and testing" the products we manufacture is a maximum guarantee for our future customers.