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Simloc obtains the quality certificate ISO 9001 2015

The Air simulation Company Simloc, based in Getafe, Madrid,  has just announced it has achieved it’s  quality certification under the seal ISO 9001 2015.

The certification obtained, based on the International policy ISO 9001, consists on developing and start up and improve  the efficiency of a quality management system  to increase client satisfaction by means of fulfilment of it’s requirments. With that objective, Simloc  has established the tools and neccessary proceedings to guarantee the quality of the product or final service,  as well as an evaluation  system and continous improvement.



“Simloc is a Company in continous growth, in which in the  last years has considerably increased it`s buisness volumen and opportunities and all of this has had an important impact on the organisation”, as declared  by Carlos Pérez, CEO of the Company. “We clearly knew that we had to incorpórate a series of procedures to be more efficient. We requested the ISO 9001 2015 because we saw it had already contemplated those procedures and not only because it had an exterior quality seal but also it was the best way to organize that growth”

Carlos Pérez CEO de Simloc

Therefore, Simloc`s objective was not to achieve the seal itself, but to also take advantage of the opportunity  that the proceedings offered to organise and grow. The challenge was to improve the organization and not only its image, something in which positively suprised the certifiers.

“In the end, the efforts  accomplished improve the efficiency, the use of resources and organisation.”, manifested by Pérez. “and facing the outside, the client recieves a better service and a better product, without abandoning its permanent search for continous improvement and to continue renewing our certification day by day”.