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Simloc offers a pay per use system for its A320 SR FTD Simulator

Simloc Flight Simulation launches a new pilots training device, the A320 SR FTD 1 & FTD 2 MCC, with a launching commercial strategy which includes a Pay Per Use (PPU) financial system.

Pago por uso del A320 SRFTD



This FSTD Airbus A320 has been developed for pilot training from AB Initio to recurrent. Both Hardware and Software are designed and manufactured by Simloc and can be customized.
Hardware components emulate real aircraft parts reducing acquisition costs and simplifying maintenance tasks. Their reliability enable a 24/7 operability. But the main difference and strength of this FTD lays in the Software, based on Airbus Standard Software Packages (SSP) and tested by SFI/TRI/TRE pilots in accordance with usual training requirements.

Technical and Training data are in accordance with ICAO 9625 (4th Ed.), EASA CS-FSTD(a) and FAA 14 CFR Part 60 regulation. For the visual system Simloc offers two configurations: Direct view o collimated.

Price Flight Simulator



Taking advantage of the introduction of this new FTD, Simloc incorporates a new system to the conventional payment ways, the Pay Per Use (PPU). “To avoid big expenditures which require finance in most cases, Simloc proposes other way, the pay per use”, Carlos Pérez, CEO, says. “With this system the customer does not pay a single penny until the device is operational and even then, payment is made by quotas associated with a minimum number of hours of simulator use”, Pérez continues. “Really what we do is sharing the project’s risks with our customers and accompany them in its success. This is Simloc’s fundamental strength and we demonstrate it with our commitment.”


Simulador A320 SRFTD - pago por uso



  • •    FSTD flight deck area and equipment replicate spatially and functionally the Airbus A320 to accomplish with authorized training.
    •    The flight model is programmed for a generic or specific (Natural Flight Loop) Airbus A320.
    •    Fly-by-wire sidesticks with flight control laws (normal, alternate and direct).
    •    Airbus A320 systems and procedures (normal, abnormal & emergency) simulated IAW authorized training.
    •    Interconnected, adjustable and force feedback pedals with hall effect sensor and full ball bearing junctions to reduce maintenance.
    •    Motorized throttle manufactured in aeronautical aluminum for intensive use.
    •    F/O and Cpt. seats replica with mechanical adjustments.
    •    Direct view visual system (210º H x 40V) with less than 10º parallax or collimated Visual (200º H x 40º V).
    •    Image generator with possibility of loading photorealistic airport areas IAW client requirements.
    •    NAVIGRAPHTM navigation database (updatable on-line).
    •    Intercom with auto-squelch to reduce background noise.
    •    Easy and intuitive instructor station (IOS) customizable IAW client training requirements.
    •    Remote preventive maintenance and Simloc 360º maintenance program option (Software Updates & Extended warranty).
    •    PBN APPs implemented