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WATMC: Simloc launches a new trainning course for air traffic controllers

The Spanish company specialized in flight simulation Simloc, has just launched a new training course for Air Traffic Controllers during the World ATM Congress (WATMC), recently held in Madrid.

In its first participation in the biggest event of Global Air Traffic Management, Simloc has launched an innovative training program in cockpit for air traffic controllers, focusing on aviation safety as its main target.  

The Flight Deck ATC Program of SimLoc aims to support the Air Traffic Management from the other side, that is, take the air traffic controllers in flight simulators so they can act as the pilots with who air traffic controllers interact on a daily basis.

The training course, taught in classroom and in flight simulator, will go through the significance of Flight Safety thanks to the awareness and recognition of the different situations that may arise to the crew.  An effective tool to improve decision-making, anticipating to the circumstances that emerge in an aircraft and to enable a rapid response on the resolution of emergencies. In conclusion, to contribute to the excellence of the ATM from the source, by enhancing the formation of the Air Traffic Controllers. 

The response of specialized companies and Air Traffic Controllers has been very positive, since there were no training courses of this nature on the ATM field. 


Course for air traffic controllers


One of the greatest attractions of the event was the flight simulator F18 Super hornet exhibited at the stand of Simloc, developed and manufactured from scratch by the company from Cuatro Vientos. The flight simulator F18-SR integrates most functions of flight combat and has a full scale cockpit and an immersive widescreen, which makes the flight an unforgettable experience.   


Indirectly, Simloc was also present at the WATMC with its training device G1000 SR BOX, as one of these units property of ESSP (company providing the EGNOS satellite navigation service) was shown and doing flight simulations with a huge success at EGNOS stand. 
Víctor Álvarez, from ESSP declared: “We are very satisfied with the performance of the G1000 flight simulator during the WATMC because thanks to it we have been able to convince many professionals of the advantages of EGNOS. We will continue taking the flight simulator to other Congresses”. 



The ESSP G1000 SR BOX flight simulator is set up to perform simulated approaches before executing them in real aircrafts and to explain the operational advantages of the LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) procedures.