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Caso de Éxito Team Velarde

Team Velarde 26 AVC-SR Competition Flight AnalysisProject designed with the objective of increasing and improving the training sessions of Juan Velarde before his races. Through the team, he requested ‘a comprehensive analysis tool of flight telemetry that would also have a time-space study on the optimal route of the different circuits of the Red Bull Air Race’.

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Casos de éxito Simloc - BrockAir

BrokAir Integration of an A320 simulator in a real cockpit

Project executed for the BrokAir Aviation Group of an Airbus A320 simulator that was integrated for the very first time in the fuselage of a real airplane. An unprecedented challenge that had never been done before.

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Casos de éxito Simloc - Swiftair

SwiftairTrainer of ATR 42/72 differences

In 2014 Swiftair management asked Simloc to develop and manufacture an ATR 42 and ATR 72 differences training device. The simulator had to reproduce the aircraft of the company’s ATR fleet as faithfully as possible, concretely the ATR 42 registration EC-JAD and the ATR 72 registration EC-KKQ.

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Casos de éxito Simloc - Adventia

AdventiaBonanza Box training devices

The renowned Salamanca pilot school based in Matacán needed new training devices that would reproduce the avionics and flights of its Bonanza light aircraft in order to improve the quality of their training.

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