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Proyecto Adventia

Training devices for their Bonanza light aircraft

One of Simloc’s strengths is its skill and capacity to adapt to our clients needs. A clear example of this is the modernisation of the simulator ‘fleet’ that Adventia commissioned from our company.

The Salamanca pilot school, based in Matacán, had six simulators from the 1970s, totally mechanical and absolutely obsolete. They needed new training devices that would reproduce the avionics and flights of its Bonanza light aircraft in order to improve the quality of their training.

Solución de Simloc para Adventia

The Simloc solution

And Simloc got to work "Taking advantage of the experience we had with compact training devices, we outlined a plan to make several modifications to manufacture a model with a panel exactly equal to their real flight Bonanzas", stated Moisés Valderrama, Simloc CTO.

 "This would make training incredibly more complete, not only the handling of the basic instrument panel, but also flight management, developing complete training right from the outset".

Later, to equip the training sessions with a feeling of even more realism, Simloc manufactured several cockpits at the request of Adventia.

Mejoras implementadas por Simloc en el proyecto de Adventia

The most relevant innovations

Consequently, the lead in quality and quantity of training was absolutely enormous. The most notable is not so much all the simulators as their flight management.

The cockpits are located in a simulation room integrated with a system that lets students book the flight simulator and flight functions they need, with monitoring of training and tracking of flight hours. The room is open and if, for example, a student needs review courses, they can do them automatically, because the method logs who is connected, schedules and flight times, flight type, and so forth.

The compact simulator, both with regard to size and weight, for the Bonanza can provide any type of basic instrument training, covering the entire training spectrum for an Ab Initio student and can be used both with an instructor and without.

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