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Our strength lies in our high level of R+D+I

Simloc Research, S.L.” is a company that engineers, designs, integrates, manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains both civilian and military flight simulators. Our strength lies in our high level of R+D+I, of both software and hardware, enabling us to offer the aviation market a wide range of products, and as such we are able to develop high quality solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Through our unique business model, which is strongly committed to talent and the creation of a context of responsible freedom, we aim to achieve a high professional performance.

At Simloc, from the management down, we are committed to establishing, implementing and maintaining an up-to-date quality policy that supports our strategic management, by means of a Quality Management system based on ISO standard 9001:2015, which enables us to:

  • Meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and other groups of interest.
  • Comply with the relevant legal, legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance the continuous improvement, defending it as a fundamental pillar for the development of our activities and the achievement of our objectives.

This commitment is a response to our objective as a company: to become an international leader in the aviation simulation sector, recognised for our capacity to provide high value products and services geared towards strategic and operative improvement for our customers, underpinned by talent, entrepreneurial spirit, pride of belonging and positive attitude of the best professionals.

The Management

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