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Simloc Concept

Much more than just a simulator, a truly comprehensive training tool

What is the Simloc Concept?

It is a design, development and marketing philosophy for flight simulators which cover the realistic needs for pilot training both for civil aviation and defence, going beyond the actual product itself.

The Simloc Concept is based on the innovative solutions that are integrated into the simulator and add value, transforming it into the only and definitive pilot training tool.

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​​​​​​​Software Integral de Gestión

SMC Suite

At Simloc we have developed a comprehensive management software for our FSTD called Simulator Management Control Suite or SMC Suite.  
Two applications created by our Software Department facilitate operators' ability to, for example, manage and control users, schedule sessions and keep calendar, analyse flight parameters, conduct debriefings and handle maintenance incidents, among many other functions.

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​​​​​​​Dispositivo entrenamiento A320

Devices adapted to multi-pilot training

Our FSTDs are designed to meet the training needs of pilots in different multi-pilot training programmes (MPL, ATPL, etc.). With the aim of moving beyond technical design, we have developed a tool adapted to the real needs of the aviation market, compatible with the requirements of companies' HTs, by adding different solutions that improve training quality at very efficient costs.

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​​​​​​​Simloc I+D+I

R&D projects

Our objective is to improve pilot training, which is why we constantly seek new innovative and technological solutions that can be integrated into our FSTDs. ( All of them are centred on evaluating and developing the eight competencies required in EBT programmes).

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