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Simloc Concept

Much more than just a simulator, a truly comprehensive training tool

Procurement programme

Following the philosophy of the Simloc Concept, we also offer our clients procurement systems adapted to their needs. From direct payment to innovative financing and cooperation plans.

SMC Suite

Multi-pilot training devices

Procurement programme

R&D projects

Pago directo - simulador vuelo

Direct payment

A series of scheduled instalment payments are made in parallel with manufacturing the simulator.  This is the easiest and most economical method.

Adquisición de Simulador


(Flight Simulation as a Service)

  • Payment by flight hours: This purchase method establishes a periodic payment by earning income through the sale of hours. This flexible solution avoids large initial outlays.

  • Collaborative partnership: This model is done via a collaboration agreement between the client and everis ADS to purchase the simulator, sharing both ownership and operations.  

These procurement programmes, offered by Simloc and everis ADS, lets clients keep their revenues free for other investments without affecting their operating yields or performance.

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