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Simloc Concept

Much more than just a simulator, a truly comprehensive training tool

SMC Suite

As an added value to our FSTD, we add a comprehensive management software called the SMC Suite (Simulator Management Control Suite), Which  purpose is to provide operators with everything they need to operate and work with simulators:

  • User management and control

  • Session scheduling and calendar

  • Real time planning, briefing, management and control

  • Analysis of flight parameters and mission debriefing

  • Control of operating the simulator equipment, maintenance incident management…

Software Integral de Gestión del Simulador de vuelo

SMC Suite

Devices adapted to multi-pilot training

R&D projects


The software consists of two applications to comprehensively manage the training device:

FSTD Manager

Simloc FSTD Manager

This APP is the tool that complements the flight simulator, giving it high management capacity and sustainability, as you can control the sessions and device availability, as well as monitoring the status of all features that make up the simulator.

Lets operators conduct:

  • Management of users
  • Session scheduling and calendar
  • Mission planning and briefing
  • Mission analysis and debriefing
  • Control of status of the FSTD
    • FSTD logging (flight hours, missions completed, FSTD incidents)
    • FSTD maintenance:
      • Self-diagnostic testing
      • Update control
      • Incident management
      • Management and control of scheduled reviews
      • Management and control of corrective changes
    • Certification status (eQTG, certificate, next certification date)

Simloc IOS

Simloc IOS

The Simloc IOS application is custom software developed for the flight instructor, providing a complete interface for management and control of the mission during its execution.

Operator can manage and control the mission during its execution:

  • Preloading of missions (according to operator’s syllabus)
  • Recording and storage of mission data
  • Positioning and repositioning (with rewind function)
  • Airplane systems control
  • Control of ABN and emergency procedures
  • Control of environment (weather and navigation conditions, ATC…)


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