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EXPLORING THE EXTENDED REALITYTowards a new dimension in flight simulation

From the beginning Simloc saw an opportunity in Virtual Reality as a complement to conventional flight simulation. The company has opted for this technology with a strategy aimed at developing different training tools for pilots, both in civil and military aviation. To do this, Simloc creates virtual environments that allow learning and familiarization with different types of aircraft, training in tactical environments, training for technical personnel, etc ...

Investment in R & D in the field of VR led to the achievement of the seal of innovative SME and has resulted in the creation of tools that are already being used in projects of European defense. The next steps of the company are directed towards the application of all the technologies that expand the real world and combine it with virtual elements (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality). That is, what is known today as Extended Reality or XR.

The management of Extended Reality is very transversal and gives results globally, both in the defense market and for civil applications. Due to the growing positioning of this technology in domestic and international major future defense programs, innovation in this field will be one of the cornerstones of the future of Simloc.



Training solutions

Simloc offers different solutions for the training of pilots and ground personnel, both civil and military . It stands out for the development of realistic virtual environments so that the student can interact as they would in real life.


Integration of the latest technologies

The integration of VR glasses, haptic gloves, position sensors and augmented and mixed reality systems, allows Simloc to develop fully immersive environments. Thus, the user can, from interacting with the different elements and systems of an aircraft cabin, to practicing flight or maintenance procedures, all using their own hands.




The system provides total immersion in the cockpit of an Airbus A320. This permits simultaneously the performance of procedures and the flight experience itself, very innovative aspects in the aerial simulation market.


ESSP/Egnos System

The project consists of the configuration of a portable virtual reality station for the training of LPV procedures in a Cesna type aircraft with G1000 avionics. The system consists of a portable PC optimized for RV, RV glasses, RV controls and yoke-type flight controls.



Simloc is the only Spanish company that participates in the FITS4TOP industrial consortium selected by the European Commission to carry out the project of “Combat Aircraft Training Platforms” of the “European Defense Industrial Development Program” (EDIDP ). Its' responsibility consists of the design and development of an Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) system. This system will allow the training of European combat pilots through the use of the latest technology in virtual reality, haptic gloves and mixed reality.

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