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Airbus a320Simulators with incredibly realistic flights

We design and manufacture Airbus A320 FBS simulators with certification levels EASA FTD ½ + MCC | FAA FTD 5/6, adapting them to the real training and testing needs of airlines and pilot schools.

The A320 FBS simulators are designed always seeking the greatest loyalty to real cockpits, both with regard to their layout and functions. They are produced using the updated version of the Airbus Data Package (SSP) to offer the most reliable and realistic training to pilots.

Its different configurations let Simloc training devices be certified pursuant to the regulations of the most prestigious international aviation safety agencies, including EASA/FAA/CAA/DGAC/ICAO.

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The objective of our design is to conserve the original appearance of the Airbus A320 cockpit, in order to provide realistic and immersive training and testing for pilots and students.

To ensure a truly immersive experience, Simloc has developed an exclusive module that integrates the visual system, cockpit and instructor station.

They are the main point of contact between the pilot and the airplane, so they represent the most sensitive connection involved in the flight experience. At Simloc we have developed the flight controls based on two cornerstones: sensitivity and fidelity.
The force control system (Control Loading System – CLS) used is completely electric and can simulate forces on up to seven axes.


The visual system is a key feature for training as it gives pilots the feeling of movement. Covering a visual field of 210º and—along with photorealistic scenarios—provides training in a simulation environment amazingly similar to real flights on an A320 airplane.

Simloc offers two options:

  • Standard model: Direct View FOV 210º H x 45º V para FTD with parallax less than 10º to provide for quality MCC training
  • Advanced model: Collimated FOV 200º H x 40º V


The flight simulator model, its systems and procedures are based on the Data Package delivered by Airbus, which along with the QTGs makes it behave exactly like the real aircraft.

The remote control of all simulator and flight environment functions is done from the instructor operating station (IOS), customised according to training SOPs and with the ability to control sessions.

Ensures specific training, ranging from AB Initio to Airline Training:

  • Airbus A320 Specific Training
  • ATPL Training
  • IR Training (RNAV, PBN, etc)
  • TEM/CRM/EBT Training Tool
  • MPL Programmes

Downloadable items:

All simulator systems are modular, meaning that any operator instructed by Simloc can replace the modules with no need for specialised training.
Furthermore, due to the remote software connection, a self-diagnostic test can be run to facilitate maintenance tasks.

Live our immersive videos

Vídeo 360 del proceso de despegue en el simulador de Simloc

Airbus A320 Take-off 

Vídeo 360 del proceso de aterrizaje en el simulador de Simloc

Airbus A320 Landing

Airbus A320 FBS models

​​​​​​​icono dv



Visual Direct View (DV)


 Replica Cockpit


Software based on SSP Airbus FTD 1




Collimated Display (CV)


Replica Cockpit


Software based on SSP Airbus FTD 2

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Airbus A320 EASA | FAA

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