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Juan Velarde will participate in the Torre del Mar International Air Festival

After a year of waiting, due to its cancellation due to the pandemic in 2020, the Torre del Mar International Air Festival, in Malaga, Spain, returns next Sunday, September 12, where thousands of fans will be able to enjoy the acrobatics of Juan Velarde, ambassador of the firm of flight simulators, Simloc.

Along with the Madrid pilot, his great rival and friend Cástor Fantoba, one of the best aerobatic pilots in the world, the Eagle Patrol, the Aspa Patrol and a Eurofighter fighter from the Air Force have also confirmed their presence. In total, 35 aircraft are expected to participate in the Festival.


This air festival is the first to be held in Spain since the beginning of the pandemic. It is organized by the Municipality of Vélez Málaga, the Torre del Mar Mayor's Office and the Cultural Aeronáutica Española and will take place on the Torre del Mar beach, strictly following the recommendations of the health authorities. All information for attendees is collected on the web.

The trainings are scheduled for Friday and Saturday at the aerodrome of Velez Malaga, near Torre del Mar, from which many of the participants will take off. At the foot of the runway is the Aerodynamics Academy, a training school for pilots, cabin crew and aeronautical mechanics. Taking advantage of this circumstance and the excellent relations of the academy with Simloc, Juan Velarde will invite Juan Manuel Martín, director of AA, and one of its students to fly on his plane and will visit the Aerodynamics simulators.


In this reference center in Spain and Europe, a Simloc A320 simulator, recently certified, stands out together with simulators of passenger cabin, doors and windows of aircraft, fire in cabin and emergency equipment for cabin crew training of the Flight Level brand, marketed by Simloc.