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Simloc Provides Brok-air Aviation Group with the First Simulator Integrated into the Fuselage of a Real Aircraft.

​​​​​​​Proyecto Brok-Air

To integrate an Airbus A320 simulator into a real cabin

The Canarian company Brok-air Aviation Group, through its subsidiary Brok-air Aviation Academy, asked Simloc to install a training device of A320 FTD + MCC inside a real Airbus A320 with the aim of training pilots and passenger cabin crew (TCP) within the same scenario.

This Brok-air aircraft has two main access doors to the plane, evacuation ramp, 14/17 rows of passenger seats, service areas, bathrooms and other elements of an airplane of this type.

​​​​​​​Visual Proyecto Brok-Air    Cabina Brok-Air

Simloc's solution

For Simloc, such a novel and unusual proposal was not a small challenge. Since at that time we had already manufactured a certifiable A320 simulator, this request was a great opportunity to demonstrate the quality of its capabilities, with the added challenge of adapting and transforming some of its characteristics to this new environment.

As a result, we got a certifiable pilot training device that completely mimics the entire cockpit installation and all the original panels. Once the cabin is painted and carpeted, the impression is to enter a completely new airplane, with a fully functional cockpit.

A high-flown visual

However, the most complicated was not the simulator but the visual one. This was the second great challenge. Since we are specialized in FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) cabins, supported on the ground, and since the simulator is inside a real plane, at a real height, the visual one had to be elevated in front of the cabin, without any support in the ground, to free the passage of people and material inside the building where it is located.

Simloc's solution was to design and manufacture a semicircular aluminum structure, six meters in diameter, and a series of brackets and anchor footings, which have allowed the visual to be completely elevated, as demanded by the client, without the fuselage suffering any harm.


The advantages for Brok-air

With this modern simulator Brok-air has become the first center of the Canary Islands that can offer first level training to different groups in the aeronautical field. A pioneering development, since it is integrated, for the first time, in the cabin of a real fuselage.

According to company sources, since the integration of our simulator, Brok-air can provide basic training courses for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (ATM), Aircraft Type courses for ATM's certifiers to specific courses for MCC pilots (Multi Crew Cooperation), preparation for airline access tests, flight initiation courses and Passenger Cabin Crew (PCC), within unique facilities on the islands.

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Simloc entrega a Brokair Aviation Group un simulador A320SR integrado en la cabina de un fuselaje real.



Simloc entrega a Brok-Air Aviation Group un simulador integrado por primera vez en el fuselaje de un avión real



Simloc entrega a Brok-air Aviation Group un simulador integrado en el fuselaje de un avión real.



Simloc entrega a Brok-Air Aviation Group un simulador integrado por primera vez en el fuselaje de un avión real


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