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Simloc and Flight Level join forces at EATS 2019

Simloc and Flight Level, manufacturers of training devices for pilots and cabin crew, respectively, will participate together in EATS (European Airline Training Symposium) which, in its 2019 edition, will be held in Berlin on October 29 and 30.

The alliance of both companies, recently announced after the purchase of a Flight Level stock package by Simloc, represents a unique example of synergy in the commercialization of comprehensive simulation services for the training of airline pilots and crews.


EATS Berlin | 2019


For Simloc covering the entire range of training devices within the civil aviation sector. On the other hand, Flight Level will benefit from Simloc's commercial, marketing and communication know-how to distribute its products and publicize its image in international markets that it does not reach.

Since 2014 Flight Level designs, manufactures and sells simulators and emergency equipment for the initial and recurrent training of Cabin Crew, including passenger cabins, fire simulators and door and window simulators, which strictly comply with the requirements required by current legislation.

On the other hand, Simloc goes beyond the mere manufacture of certifiable FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) simulators, offering schools and airlines a comprehensive service that includes devices adapted to multi-pilot training, applications for software management control and original acquisition programs.