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Simloc and GAA sign a strategic alliance

The Spanish simulator manufacturer Simloc and Bahrain’s Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to offer greater and better comprehensive air training solutions jointly.

Gulf Aviation Academy, a leading aviation training center in the Middle East and North Africa area based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is located within close proximity to Bahrain International Airport, and provides pilots, cabin crew, engineers and air traffic controllers certified training 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Simloc is an innovative SME with an international scope, which designs, produces, and distributes certifiable FBS type flight training devices. At the same time, it also markets simulators of the passenger cabin, doors, windows and fire and emergency equipment for cabin crew training, manufactured by its subsidiary, Flight Level.

Simloc is now ready to establish a new base of operations in Bahrain for business development and R&D projects, expanding its international scope. 

This alliance aims to make Simloc training devices accessible to GAA clients both in Bahrain and in its countries of influence. As a sign of Simloc's high confidence in GAA, the academy will also become the exclusive local and regional business partner (GCC / MENA / ISC), to sell and install its wide range of simulators.


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Quote by Carlos Pérez - SIMLOC CEO

"It is an honor and a great challenge for Simloc to have reached this collaboration agreement with an academy as prestigious as GAA. The excellent relationship as suppliers that we have achieved with them now leads to an exciting future project to do business together within an increasingly influential region of the world in the aeronautical sector. 
During the last year, we have had the opportunity of visiting the Kingdom of Bahrein several times. Besides the fantastic warmth and hospitality of the region, we identified an incredible opportunity to bring and develop new technology to be exported worldwide.
We are intensively working for the next steps and we will put all our enthusiasm and effort into making this alliance an example of success. That is our commitment to GAA and the Kingdom of Bahrain for the support and trust they have shown us."

Quote by Captain Dhaffer Al Abbasi - GAA CEO

"I am pleased to announce this collaboration agreement between GAA and Simloc which comes following discussions for more than a year, and which has resulted in an agreement that mutually benefits both companies and is fully supported by their respective managements.
Having a highly reputable company such as Simloc on board is as testament of their trust and commitment in working with GAA in achieving its expansion plans which aim to reach more customers, by offering more flight training services, and fulfilling our promise to continue to be 'true partners' to our valued customers and those supporting and contributing to our growth and expansion plans."