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Simloc breaks with the established - And why not a multi-simulator?

Article published in Airline 92 - March 2021

The flight simulation industry is facing an unstoppable upward curve of the FTD (Flight Training Device) simulators of fixed base (FBS), almost equal to the actual plane that they emulate, both in appearance and in behavior. As a consequence, the latest generation of FTDs are narrowing the gap that separates them in performance from the Full Flight (FFS) super simulators and, although they do not have movement like the FFS, they are increasingly valued by all kinds of flight schools and simulation centers. The key is in profitability, because they can offer education and training of top quality for a tenth of the price of an FFS.

In this environment, Simloc has given a twist by offering an even more ambitious and innovative simulator. Can a jet FBS, for example an A320, and two different planes coexist in the same cabin? The answer is definitely yes and is plastered in the revolutionary Simloc Fensome Convertible 360 (FC360), which solves in one swoop the operational limitation of the vast majority of flight schools, as they do not have the necessary airplanes or simulators to offer comprehensive training from ab initio to jet. How to qualify, how to assess, how to react to a simulator that allows you to give integrated ATPL courses with up to 80 hours of certified training? Where is the trick?



Three simulators in one, magic or talent?

This new flight simulation device is called “Fensome” as a tribute to the promoter of the idea, the British captain Terry Fensome, renowned flight instructor from Miami (Florida), and “Convertible”, because it can be transformed into three different planes within the same cabin.
Its codename is FC360 and is a simulator type AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of USA, which is about to certify it at the headquarters of Fensome Airline Careers in Miami. But also it is certifiable by the European Agency for Safety Aviation (EASA) as MCC, since it uses the same hardware and software configuration as the recently certified Aerodynamics Academy A320 FNPT II MCC simulator in Malaga, Spain.
The FC360 is based on a MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) cockpit in which three different aircraft configurations can be managed: SEP (Single-engine propeller) type Cessna 172 SP; MEP (Multi-engine propeller) type Piper PA-34-220T Seneca II and JET MCC, generic twin engine, which optionally can be a specific A320, including the manufacturer's Data Package.



Within a modern semi-spherical fiberglass module, about 7 meters in diameter by 4 meters high, you will find the cabin, the instructor station (IOS), the direct vision visual system, the audio system and the key element, the fruit of Simloc's talent: the combination of hardware and software components that makes possible the appearance and disappearance of the three aircraft models in a few minutes.
The SEP and MEP configurations use the same front panel with slight differences in representation, both on the Main Instrument Panel and on the Pedestal, depending on whether one or the other aircraft is being used. However, the central panel is common for both of them.
In Jet MCC mode, Simloc has made the FC360 cabin faithful to that of a Twin Jet. Optionally, including the Airbus Data Package, this configuration can become a replica of the original A320 model, with EASA FTD 1 + MCC and FAA FTD 5 certification level, in which all elements of the cockpit are fully functional.


There are others, but this one is unique

The FC360 has an intrinsic advantage that makes it unique over other competitors. The "core" of the device, conceived, developed and registered by Simloc, allows the appearance and disappearance of the three flight configurations in a few minutes. As mentioned above, having this multifunction platform enables comprehensive training, from ab initio to jet, very rare in pilot schools or universities.


Economically, in addition to reducing the area needed to locate three simulators to one third, it represents an obvious saving on investment, much lower than the sum of the price of three similar simulators separately.
And last but not least, it opens up new business avenues for schools and universities. Although the Fensome Convertible 360 was born thinking of them, given the quality of the performance of the Jet simulator, the incorporation of the manufacturer data package can afford to offer airlines cadet programs or agreements for type rating training for its pilots.
FTD simulator quality, certifiable by the FAA and the EASA, with a unique three in one capacity, ensuring comprehensive training, space and investment savings, new business approaches... and why not the FC360 of Simloc?.




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