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Simloc Committed to the state of Alarm

Faced with one the most difficult situations that Spain has faced in recent decades and that has led the Government to proclaim the State of Alarm to try to stop the advance of Covid 19, Simloc expresses its full commitment to the measures adopted.

Consequently, the company has implemented a crisis plan that guarantees the remote and face-to-face operation of the different departments, to provide the best service to all external agents (customers, suppliers, the media, etc.) who need to contact Simloc. 



Once again Spain is setting an example of sacrifice and, with everyone's effort, we will soon emerge from this unexpected crisis. Although in the short term the situation may seem catastrophic, at Simloc we are convinced that in the medium and long term this will mean a relaunch of the economy, an abrupt transformation to digital productivity and economic growth in line with the forecasts they have been advertising in the sector. Aviation has been, is and will be the main catalyst for personal and professional relationships of this century, and Simloc will be present to provide the best possible technology to all its clients.

We appeal to everyone's responsibility, convinced that the present sacrifice will be the key to shorten the terms of the economic slowdown.