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Simloc presents the active cokpit for the Eurofighter Virtual Rig at FEINDEF

The Simloc flight simulator brand presents at FEINDEF 21 (IFEMA, Madrid, November 3, 4 and 5), in a world premiere, the active cockpit commissioned by the General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Spain to complete the virtual test bench (RIG) of the Eurofighter in the CLAEX (Logistics Center for Armament and Experimentation).

The project arose from the Air Force's aspiration to expand its ability to run the Eurofighter application software in its virtual RIG, providing it with a man-machine interface, analogous to that of the aircraft, instead of being controlled by a computer.

With this cockpit, a replica of the Eurofighter, test pilots will be able to evaluate new developments realistically and at a very early stage, eliminating many repetitions of designs and avoiding having to wait for tests in real flight to make evaluations, with the consequent saving of time and money.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Simloc will carry out a Mixed Reality demo, in which the pilot will be able to see the flight environment, using Virtual Reality glasses, and also his body and all the screens and real controls in the cockpit.


Audere Global and Fujitsu Uvance collaboration

From the knowledge of the operational needs of the Air Force, Audere Global and Fujitsu Uvance come together, with the latest technology, to offer the development of a 3M-5G wireless connectivity project and digital transformation scenarios for BACSI (Connected Air Base, Sustainable and Intelligent) of the Spanish Air Force. This initiative is an opportunity to provide 5G cybersecure wireless connectivity to the Air Force for the development of use cases in the logistics field, providing strategic autonomy for defense.

Under the umbrella of 5G technology, Audere Global and Fujitsu Uvance offer solutions for simulation, remote maintenance, asset traceability, logistics efficiency, education and training with extended virtual reality tools.

Due to this circumstance and on the occasion of FEINDEF, Miguel Feu, from Fujitsu, and Víctor García, from Audere Global, will be speakers at the conference "Project 3M-5G for BACSI", on Thursday, November 4 at 12:45.

Simloc / Fujitsu, Hall 10, Booth 10G12 / 10G14