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We present the Fensome Convertible 360 | SEP · MEP · JET MCC

Simloc has made come true the vision of Captain Terry Fensome, a reputable pilot trainer from Miami, Florida, by manufacturing a simulator that will mean a revolution for flight simulation and that, as a tribute, is named after its promoter, the FENSOME CONVERTIBLE 360 (FC360).

This new AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) has as base a MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) cabin in which it is possible to operate with three different airplane configurations:

  • SEP (Single-engine propeller) Cessna 172 SP type.
  • MEP (Multi-engine propeller), Piper PA-34-220T Seneca II type.
  • JET MCC, generic twin engine, which can optionally be a specific A320, including the manufacturer's Data Package.

The set is made up of a modern semi-spherical fiberglass module, about 7 meters in diameter by 4 meters high, which integrates the cabin, the instructor station (IOS), the direct vision visual system, the audio system and the key element, the combination of hardware and software components that make possible the appearance and disappearance of the three airplane models in a few minutes. This innovative system has been devised, developed and registered by Simloc.




Behind the Fensome Convertible 360 there is more than just a business challenge. Terry Fensome's obsession with providing students at his school with comprehensive learning, from ab initio to jet, had only one requirement: to get a simulator with a spacious cabin, A320 or B737 type, with three models of aircraft inside, two light aircrafts and a jet.

With this in mind, the British-American pilot initiated a round of unsuccessful contacts with various simulator manufacturers until he reached Simloc.


 "When I proposed my idea to them, I think the engineers thought I was a little crazy," says Fensome. "How do we do it? They asked me. I did not know either, but it was clear to me that the simulator should have three airplanes, but not only staying with the market concept of software changes and small configuration adjustments, I wanted to go one step further”. 

Two weeks after returning to Miami, Simloc found the key. "What impressed me the most was the team's enthusiasm for finding a solution to all my requests,"says Captain Fensome. "When they explained the system to me, I thought the result was brilliant".





This is how the FC360 was created, a simulator that opens a new path in the training of commercial pilots. In practice it has a unique advantage, since the “core” of the device, devised, developed and registered by Simloc, allows the appearance and disappearance of the three flight configurations in a few minutes.
Having this platform enables comprehensive training, from ab initio to jet, very rare in pilot schools or universities. In economic terms, in addition to reducing to a third the area necessary to locate three simulators, it represents an obvious saving in investment, much smaller than the sum of the price of three similar simulators separately.


And it also provides a business opportunity parallel to training. Carlos Pérez, CEO of Simloc, explains it. “Although the Fensome Convertible 360 was born with schools in mind, the quality of the JET simulator, combined with the acquisition of the data package, can bring pilot training to the perfect level to offer cadet programs or even type rating agreements with airlines". For the executive, “this simulator opens a new chapter in the history of Simloc. We are convinced that its versatility and quality / price ratio will attract schools and universities around the world, which will consolidate our international projection”.